Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make people happy.

--Siegbert Tarrasch

Chess Club

Learning Resources

Getting Started

Brief Summary of the Rules of Chess. Begin here for rules and an introduction to chess notation.

Check, Checkmate, Stalemate? Make sure you thoroughly understand check, checkmate and stalemate.

Chess Piece Relative Values. One of the most essential elements of chess is knowing how the pieces relate to each other in terms of overall strength.

Practice the Fundamentals

Mate in 1. Practice simple checkmates until you can see them easily.

Pins Quiz #1. Learn about pins, one the most basic chess tactics.

Checklist #1. Check your knowledge of some basic chess terminology and tactics.

Going Further

Mate in 2. Practice checkmates which require a two-move combination.

Pins Quiz #2. Work on exploiting pins and setting them up in advance.

Checklist #2. Check your knowledge of more advanced elements from endgames.


Mate-in-2 Puzzlers. Tricky, hard-to-find checkmates. Take your time with these.